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In 1985, Monte Vista Farming Company entered the almond handling business. At that time Jim Crecelius saw a better, more secure way to handle the almonds that growers were going to deliver to his processing facility. This vision was a way for growers to participate in the marketing of their crop while maintaining ownership of the crop until the sale was complete. This system provided the safety that growers lacked when pooling their crops with others at the handler's site. This system, now known as the GROWER SELECT MARKETING SYSTEM, provides growers with an added degree of safety and confidence for the value of their annual farming effort. This system is the original grower controlled almond marketing system, for which the Monte Vista Farming Company has become well known as an industry leader.

Packaged and marketed under the California Royale Brand®, almonds that are grown by the Monte Vista Farming Company and it's independent growers are proudly sold in more than 20 countries world wide. The success of the brand is a credit to the growers and the management of the company, and the vision of it's founder, Mr. Crecelius, supported by a staff of talented individuals dedicated to the maintenance of the highest quality standards and work ethic.