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Huller Sheller

Hulling and Shelling is an art. The sheer-rolls, belts, decks and machinery must all be running in harmony in order for the equipment to perfectly sheer the hull and shell away from the almond. A millimeter too close and you spilt or scratch the almond or a millimeter too far away and the shell is not removed.

Huller Our experienced team has mastered this art over the past 30 years, however we are continuously improving our skill set, quality and machinery. In 2008 we added a new pre-cleaner and bag house with the aim of reduced foreign material. Our quality control department continuously oversees the production and works closely with the Huller supervisors in order to assure not only efficiently but superior quality.

There are many factors that all have to align in order to produce to sellable Inshell out of a huller. Moisture, screening, stick tights and insect levels all play a role in the quality of the inshell created. Monte Vista Farming has been perfecting the art of creating inshell for over 10 years and the popularity of California Royale Brand Inshell is reflective of the attention we take to hulling the product as it is delivered.