Our almond growers and bulk almond purchasers rely on us to ensure superior processing, packing and shipping.

Independent & International

Wholesale Bulk Almond Sales

Packaged and marketed under the California Royale Brand®, almonds that are grown by the Monte Vista Farming Company and it's independent growers are proudly sold in more than 20 countries world wide. The success of the brand is a credit to the growers and the management of the company, and the founding vision. Our business is built on personal and prompt communication. Logistics are our specialty and our team seamlessly navigates booking confirmations and bill of landing proofs. We’re sticklers for accurate reporting and documentation, and our exportation team can help you overcome almost any hurdle.

Almond Grower Select Marketing System

Our growers participate in the marketing of their crop while maintaining “title” or “crop ownership" until the sale is complete. This system provides the safety that growers lack when pooling their crops with other handlers. This system, now known as the Grower Select Marketing System provides growers with an added degree of safety and confidence for the value of their annual farming effort and is the original grower controlled almond marketing system.

Almond Processing That is Safe, Accurate and Transparent

Traceability is more than a commitment — it’s the foundation of our food safety programs. Never using shortcuts, our growers, employees and customers rely on our transparency, starting in the field, and continuing throughout packing and shipping to ensure we are able to trace products forward and back with pin-point accuracy. We set our quality control specifications to meet our customer expectations, going above and beyond the U.S.D.A grades.  We take sustainability in the plant seriously by repurposing hulls and rocks.  We recycle plant materials such as plastic bin liners, plastic stock pile tarps and unused packaging supplies are recycled. We eliminate paper waste by communicating quickly and efficiently with our growers and customers via email and use our custom-tracking dashboard to send returns and market updates.

Almond Hullers and Processors

Newly renovated almond huller