Almond Growers

“At Monte Vista we believe in our growers and their on-farm processes. We operate and live by the mantra of truth, transparency and trust. Nobody can tell the story of our product better than the growers. Quite frankly, we have the best growers in the world.”
- Jonathan Hoff, CEO


“Connecting our customers to our growers is our daily, global goal. Consumers deserve to know where their food comes from.”

Finding Truth in Transparency

We’re passionate advocates for open communication and we conduct ourselves with integrity every day. Our transparent processes facilitate truthful efficiency, from the field to packing to logistics.

Transparency in the Field

Our growers have progressive mindsets and care about doing the right thing for the environment and our customers, plain and simple. This means running operations that are socially responsible, sustainable and technologically advanced. All of our growers adhere to Good Agricultural Practices, and a growing number of them are becoming Global G.A.P. Certified. We’re proud to partner growers who believe in “doing things right because it’s the right thing to do.”

Transparency in the Plant

Our aim is to create value for our customers by sharing as much information as necessary by openly sharing detailed quality and food safety information. This also means that we understand that bad news must be shared as well. At Monte Vista, when a potential issue occurs, our policy is to “get in front of it” and work with our customers to create solutions.

“What do our growers care about? Doing the right thing by their employees, the environment and their consciences.”

Sustainable, Responsible Farming Practices

Our growers continue to define new boundaries of conventional farming. As early adopters of advanced processes such as real time soil- moisture monitoring, micro and drip irrigation, precision nutrient application, pressure bombing, collection of localized weather data, integrated pest management, grinding (not burning) old trees or pruning waste, and low dust cultural and harvest technologies, they are now focusing on innovations that will characterize the next generation of almond production. Our growers recognize that ensuring a bright future for the next generation means finding balance between production and management of resources.

Long Term Commitment

  • 0% use flood irrigation
  • Drip and micro irrigation
  • Integrated pest management
  • Soil moisture monitoring and sensing
  • Weather stations measuring temperature, relative humidity, evapotranspiration
  • Rootzone precision nutrition application
  • Bee feed diversity and cover crop
  • Renewable energy sources
  • Embrace food safety on the farm


Our technology, including our internal dashboard and electronic monitoring, allows us to hand-select the most appropriate raw goods for each of our customers, taking into consideration vast amounts of quality information. Our data base collects and displays a full array of QC information for every bin in our inventory. We are constantly innovating new ways to reduce product damage, improve quality and to better serve our customers. Our motto is: “If we are doing things right, we’ll never be done.”

Socially Responsible Farming

Caring for your employees is not a new concept within the world of agriculture. For years, farmers and processors alike have treated their employees like family. Many of us have 20+ year veterans on our staffs, with very low turnover rates. Many of our growers have embraced a better, more “socially responsible” way of doing business. This includes managing the welfare of their employees with socially responsible programs, including company benefits such as healthcare and financial savings options. Dental days and flu shots are not typically the norm in this industry — not to mention mentoring and scholarship options — but you’ll find they are common among our growers.