Quality Processing

Heart Healthy

Food Safety Proven in Traceability

Traceability is more than a commitment — it’s the foundation of our food safety programs. Never using shortcuts, our growers, employees and customers rely on our transparency, starting in the field, and continuing throughout packing and shipping to ensure we are able to trace products forward and back with pin-point accuracy. This relentless commitment allows us to quickly isolate and solve problems, and our constant vigilance ensures our customers are always receiving the safest products.

  • Ability to fulfill above U.S.D.A. custom orders
  • We operate "audit ready" at all times
  • We do not comingle goods until packaging
  • We use custom bar codes and tracking processes
  • Timely and detailed response time
“Our goal is to isolate and solve the problem immediately. Our traceability allows our team to facilitate this, from the field through shipment, protecting our growers and consumers alike.”

Quality Assurance Processes

We set our quality control specifications to meet our customer expectations, going above and beyond the U.S.D.A grades. Simply put, our customer demands become our benchmark for excellence - each and every lot. We specialize in meeting customized specifications and welcome our customer’s internal auditing processes.

Laboratory Results

Working with a food safety consultant and reputable, first-class third-party U.S.D.A. certified laboratories, we test for aflatoxin using the HPLC method, along with pathogens, yeasts and molds. Special testing and COA’s are available upon request (additional cost may be applied).

Custom Technology

Our custom tracking software provides control inputs and QC auto-alerts throughout the process. We use it to identify potential issues in real time. This ensures that finished goods meet or exceed customer specs.

Plant Upgrades

We are constantly making plant upgrades to improve quality, food safety and boost our output to meet ever growing demand - on time and as expected. We design and manufacture much of our own equipment to improve quality and sanitation. Recent upgrades to our shelling facility have increased capacity by 100% and reduced physical defects by as much as 50%.

Continuous Inspection Program

Our constant data collection gives us a comprehensive, real-time snapshot that we use to make packing decisions based on customer demand.

Sustainability at Work

Repurposed Hulls

After we’re done hulling, our hulls are shipped directly to dairies and repurposed as feed, reducing the need to feed other water intensive crops such as alfalfa to dairy cows. The remaining part of our hulling refuse is used as compost filler, which will be used as fertilizer.

Repurposed Rocks

Rocks picked up from the field during harvest are removed by a destoner during the pre-cleaning process. Those rocks are then used to fortify our company’s internal road system, eliminating excess dust that can be kicked up by traffic.

Recycled Plant Materials

Plant materials such as plastic bin liners, plastic stock pile tarps and unused packaging supplies are recycled.

“Our commitment to sustainability isn’t just lip service — you’ll find examples of it throughout our own office and plant.”


  • Operate in an “audit ready” state
  • Test each incoming and outgoing load for aflatoxin, salmonella and E. coli
  • Annual deep-clean sanitization practices include dry ice blasting and plant dismantling
  • Employees are given plant uniforms
  • Comprehensive environmental monitoring program