Fulcrum Farm Services

A Streamlined Farm Management Solution

Created by Monte Vista Farming Company (MVFC), Fulcrum Farm Services is a fully integrated, direct farm management system for almond growers. Fulcrum offers end-to-end consultation and services to drive alignment between growers and their farm management team. Our service offering is focused on what growers care about - consistent high quality yields.

Turnkey Yet Tailored For You

At MVFC, we’re determined to help almond growers succeed every step of the way. We launched Fulcrum in December 2023 to give growers a greater sense of stability—increasing their confidence through consultations on cultural practices, agronomy, and pest control management. This creates more crop value in the market by boosting quality and yields.

Fulcrum aligns with the work we pride ourselves on at MVFC. We believe that we can benefit growers by focusing on field activities that create market value. By concentrating our efforts here, we can make any almond farming more efficient. With decades of experience and industry insight, our team at MVFC is committed to forming long-term partnerships with Fulcrum customers—providing farm management, hulling, processing and marketing support from a single source.

Explore MVFC’s capabilities

A Broad Scope of Services

With Fulcrum, growers gain access to a wide range of benefits. Our dedicated team begins by assessing your almond orchards to develop a unique, block-by-block illustrative budget that is fit for your business goals. Fulcrum complements MVFC’s proven hulling and processing services through:

  • Enhancing farming practices to ensure an optimal crop and increased returns
  • Custom-tailored integrated pest management and agronomy
  • End-to-end services for redevelopment, spraying and harvesting
  • Labor management, reporting, administration and FP&A

MVFC understands that analyzing data is imperative when aiming to deliver superior results. That’s why we offer our growers a comprehensive suite of reports:

  • Market analysis: Stay up to date on key events and ever-evolving industry trends
  • Grower updates: Find out what’s fresh in the market and in the orchard
  • Grower crop file: Check the status of your crop online, from anywhere and at any time
  • Monthly business reviews: Examine your performance and improve your progress with budget and yield data

Find out more about our full-service farm management solution by contacting us at growers@montevistafarming.com.