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California Royale includes many of our highest grades and the most coveted varieties and is generally sold in 50 lb. cartons. The California Royale Brand is widely recognized for its ability to meet the highest and most stringent customer standards in some of the most discriminating markets such as Japan, Korea, and the Middle East.

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Our Monte Vista Farming Brand includes the highest quality bulk materials for roasters, private label, and retail baggers, as well as industrial manufacturers. No matter what your requirements for almonds in bulk bins or sacks, the Monte Vista Farming Brand products can be customized to fit your needs.

in shell


Due to popular demand, Monte Vista Farming entered the inshell market in 1999 and has since been refining the process of hulling and packing in-shell. We pay careful attention to moisture, dissimilar, foreign material, loose meat and insect damage levels. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ quality expectations. Monte Vista Farming packs in-shell varieties including Nonpareil, Sonora, Carmel, Monterey, Price, Aldrich, Avalon, Peerless, Butte and Wood Colony in to 50 lb. plain or branded sacks



We pack kernels according to the contracted variety, USDA grade, custom specifications and size. Our educated and experienced staff work in our state-of-the-art facilities to meet many stringent quality specifications, including confectionary and candy grades for low foreign material (5 and 10 piece per ton). The sales and production teams work side by side to make sure customers’ requests and expectations are met. Shelled kernels are available in 50 lb. cartons, bulk bins or sacks (containing 2100 or 2200 net lbs. each).