Almond Processing

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Monte Vista Farming Company is based in the heart of the Central Valley in Denair, California. Our team is driven by a steadfast commitment to transparent and traceable processes with almond growers who are constantly striving to produce the highest quality almonds possible to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers around the globe.

In 1985, Monte Vista Farming Company entered the almond handling business because Jim Crecelius had a better vision for growers, just like himself, to participate in the marketing of their crop while maintaining ownership until the sale was complete. This system provided the safety that growers lacked when pooling their crops with other handlers. Now a reputable trademark of Monte Vista Farming, this process is known as the grower select marketing system.

At Monte Vista, traceability is more than a commitment — it’s the foundation of our food safety programs. Our goal is to isolate and solve potential problems immediately from the field through packing and shipping – allowing us to protect our growers and customers alike. We never use shortcuts - our growers, employees and customers rely on our traceability in the most critical of situations.

Our team of over 300 members is a dedicated group of problem solvers; and the average employee tenure is over 10 years. Placing honesty and quality above all else, we take pride in working with you to create the best product possible. No detail is too small.

We set our quality control specifications to meet our customer expectations, going above and beyond the U.S.D.A grades. We welcome our customer’s internal auditing processes and work with a food safety consultant and reputable, first-class third-party U.S.D.A. certified laboratories to test for aflatoxin, pathogens, yeasts and molds. These laboratory processes, custom technology and continuous inspection program allows us to constantly improve quality, food safety and boost our output to meet ever growing demands.

Monte Vista and our growers are using sustainable farming methods to secure the future of our land for future generations

We proudly pack under the California Royale (sounded: Roy-alle) and Monte Vista Farming brands. We’ve recently earned our organic certificate and are working with our growers to offer this product soon. The California Royale brand is widely recognized for its ability to meet the highest and most stringent customer standards in some of the most discriminating markets - such as Japan, Korea and the Middle East. Our Monte Vista Farming brand includes the highest quality bulk materials for roasters, private label and retail baggers.

Our product line includes shelled and inshell kernals, which are packed according to the contracted variety, USDA grade, custom specifications and size. Varieties include Nonpareil (sounded: non-puhrell), Sonora, Carmel (sound: Car-melle), Monterey, Price, Aldrich, Avalon, Peerless, Butte and Wood Colony.

We believe in full transparency, which starts in the field. It is our job to connect our customers to our growers. This is our daily and global goal. Consumers deserve to know where their food comes from. Our transparent processes facilitate truthful efficiency, from the field to packing to logistics. Our growers continue to define new boundaries of conventional farming and care about doing the right thing by their employees, the environment and their consciences. All of our growers adhere to Good Agricultural Practices, and a growing number of them are becoming Global G.A.P. Certified.

Caring for your employees is not a new concept within the world of agriculture. With low turnover rates and veteran staff members – who are more like family - our growers embrace a better, more sound way of doing business which includes socially responsible programs such as healthcare benefits and financial savings options.

Our commitment from the plant and our growers to innovating and water management is essential. We are committed to doing the right by our growers, customers and employees. Our core values of transparent and traceable processes have prepared us for the future. We care because this is as much about feeding your family as ours.